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Margaret Sneddon, Harpist

Elegant Entertainment for Special Events!

Harps for Sale

Margaret Margaret Sanzo Sneddon is the northeast regional representative for R-Harps, makers of the Merlin model that made it's area debut at Somerset Folk Harp Festival of 2007. The Merlin is the result of twenty years of harp building and three years of research and development by Rick Rubarth of Denver Colorado. With qualities of both Celtic and South American harps, the Merlin is noted for it's big resonant sound and responsive touch. Thanks to it's unique construction, the Merlin may be the first harp ever to be tension balanced. Some well built harps will last for decades. This harp will sing for generations!!

Find out more about the Merlin at:

There is an extremely limited number of Merlins available for rental in the New York metropolitan are. Please contact Margaret for more information

Margaret Sanzo Sneddon, Harpist

(914) 715-8793

[email protected]